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"As a professional speaker, I know the value of the right word at just the right place at just the right time in a presentation. As a former news anchor, I know the importance of the teleprompter. That is why Laurie Brown's terrific new book "The Teleprompter Manual" is so vitally important for the executive speaker who wants to use this marvelous tool to ensure that the words that are spoken are the perfect ones for your audience. It is quite simple: If you give presentations you need this book."

—Scott McKain, Vice Chairman of Obsidian Enterprises and member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame"

Don't let the title fool you. This book is not for "professionals only." It's a fascinating look at one of the most important tools ever developed for public speakers — from politicians to business leaders to television anchors. Careers have flourished and fallen upon the ability or inability to master it. Laurie Brown's book not only is a "must read" for anyone who'll ever face an audience, it is a "great read"—for everyone."

—Mort Crim, National Radio Broadcaster

"Laurie Brown has created the definitive guide for using a teleprompter for public speaking. It is easy for anyone to read, instantly usable, practical and is a must have for anyone in the public speaking arena. With a light tone and a agreeable manner, this is a beneficial, enjoyable and insightful read for anyone and not just those looking to enhance their skills in this field."

—Adam Eason, International Speaker and author of The Secrets of Self Hypnosis

"This is an essential tool for anyone who is going to use a teleprompter, whether for the 1st or 100th time!"

—Michael D. Lee, Diversity Trainer and former television talk show host.

"The manual was so very easy to comprehend and follow; its organization is excellent, following an actual event from planning to rehearsal to performance.  From the speech communication perspective, the hints from the “pros” plus the information on what to do when technology fails was outstanding."

—Dr. Linda Webster, University of Arkansas

Laurie's book is a thorough, talented guide to get you through life.  Or TV if you choose! We all should read it to brush up on our public speaking skills.  

—Michael Schlesinger Meteorologist/Reporter NBC 24 Toledo


The Teleprompter Manual is a must-have for broadcasters and speakers of all kinds on the effective use of a teleprompter.  Students and professional alike will appreciate the practical advice and interesting history of the teleprompter written in clear, entertaining prose.  The book will save beginners from some of the most common and embarrassing misuses of the teleprompter, giving them the upper hand in a competitive field with little room for error.

—Dr. Helen Tate, Columbia College


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